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Waxing, Lash, & Brow Treatments


Eyebrow Shaping..$12





Full Face Wax for Women (includes eyebrow shaping) 30 Min..$35

Men's Facial Grooming (includes eyebrows, nose, and ears) 30 Min..$35

Women's Brazilian Waxing

Everything goes.

30 Min...$55

Lash & Brow Tint

A quick add on treatment that offers a dramatic and long - lasting result for your lashes and brows. No brow pencil or mascara needed here. 

30 Min..$25

Lash Tint..$15

Brow Tint..$15

Lash Lift

A  lash treatment that instantly gives lift, definition, and separation of lashes from 6 to 8 weeks. This lash treatment is a great alternative to lash extensions. Lash tint is added into this treatment to see a more full effect. If you are using a lash serum and your lashes are growing wildly this is a perfect treatment for your lashes. 45 Min..$55


Terms & Conditions


Low temperature quality wax is used according to skin and hair type. Seven and Latte Wax. Seven is perfect for thick course hair or a first time waxing client. Latte is used for all face waxing and for clients who have fine sparse hair. If using any Retin-A , Retional products, or any medications please let me know as these products and certain medications can make your skin too sensitive for waxing. Please know that sanitation is held to the highest esteem. 

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